Thursday, April 7, 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge

The letter for today is F

The reason for the color aqua is because it is the color of the only Fiat that I have ever had.

When we lived in Lubbock, TX, my hometown, our pastor's daughter had this Fiat.  I believe that she ended up getting in a wreck and my Tommy bought it.

It was always breaking down for her, so it really needed some TLC. My Tommy has always loved working on cars and making the beautiful. So after a lot of hours and loads of bond-dough. He painted it this lovely SMURFS blue.  So from that time on it became the SMURF car.

I normally will not drive a little car due to having back problems.  Yet when we moved to San Antonio, TX, I was the designated driver.  It was fun, until I look up and a long line of Harley's were coming up behind me.  I think at the time, I had my Mandy in the car with me, the top down and just cruising. I am looking around for the Silver Volvo and my Tommy is way ahead of me. All I knew about Harley's and their owner's were what I had heard on TV.  I am thinking, "what if they try to pull us over, what will I do?" Well, nothing happened and they just drove on by and waved.  Is it not sad that we make opinions about people and things without really knowing the facts.  Since then I have met some wonderful people who only ride Harley's.  

The SMURF and I finally caught up to my Tommy and he just laughed, because he knew that I was probably uncomfortable back there without him.  From that time, I did try to keep an eye on him,

We made it to San Antonio and parked the car in the parking lot at Wilford Hall on Lackland AFB.  Then a few days later we drove back home after having found a house we liked.  Driving the SMURF was fun, but I think that I will leave the small vehicles to the young at heart.  I really do not like to drive with the wind blowing my hair, for it just gives me a headache. I know, no fun, Sherree.

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