Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Dog

On Thursday, my Alexis and I were on our way to eat Mexican food and we noticed this little dog on the road.  So we turned around and got it before it got ran over.  Seeing that the road is a very busy one.  

It had no collar and it's little heart was beating so fast.  It was not sure if it wanted to come to us, but it finally came.  After checking to see if it had a collar, we looked around the area to see if anyone was looking for him.  No one out or concerned about losing a dog.  So we took him home and of course our Capt. Knuckles was not sure about the new addition.

Today, I went back to the area and looked to see if there might be signs posted, but none.  So I will keep looking and if not then we will keep Mister.  This is what the girls decided to name him. He is very playful and loves to be where people are.  

Both Mister and Capt. Knuckles will have a home that is full of love and caring. So instead of having to take one dog to the groomers, we will take two.  Life is fun in the Chmitlin household.

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