Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge

Today is the letter E

This morning, I was talking with my Mandy and telling her that today was the letter E.  So we began to think together of what I could do.  She came up with electric fence. Now, you are probably wondering WHAT?

It has been at least 19 years since the accident happened.
My husband had bought me a PasoFina horse.  If you know anything about them, you know that in the show floor, they demonstrate how smooth the horse's gait is with a glass of wine. It is so smooth that not a drop will fall from the goblet.  The also are known for turning on a dime.

Most days, I would go out for a ride and had no problem with Deseo.  This particular Sunday afternoon, I decided to go out for a ride.  We started out down the lane and came past the big tree and Deseo took off.  We lived off a rather busy road and I didn't want him to go out into the road.  So without thinking I pulled the reins to the left and when I did, Deseo turned and I went flying into the road. It must have knocked me out for a moment. When I got my bearings, Deseo was standing there waiting for me.
My Tommy riding Deseo

I got back on and we started back to the house, because I was a little shook-up.  As we start back down the lane, once again we passed the tree and again, Deseo took off.  Now we had an electric and barbwire fence.  Plus the girls had their cars out in the yard. So I'm thinking, okay, get past the barbwire and roll off. 

As I did, Deseo clipped me in the head with his hoof.  Yet, I never even realized it.  So once again, Deseo stops and waits for me to get back on. Just as I was putting my foot in the stir-ups to get back on, my Tommy comes out of the house and tells me that he will put him back in the pasture.

At this time, I go in the house and I bend down to say something to one of the girls and they tell me that there is blood rolling down my neck.  So crazy me, I go to the bathroom and wash my hair.  I then wrap it in a towel and we head off to the hospital.  

After sitting there in a wheelchair for an hour, they take me to a room and they realize that I am going to need stitches.  Thirty-six to be exact.  They did this without a shot. I really don't remember feeling anything.  I just remember the next morning taking a shower and washing my hair again.  Yet, this time I started crying, because clumps of hair started falling out.

Tommy did buy me another Paso and she was younger and when I set on her, I didn't feel like I was sitting in the seat of a roadster with the motor revving. This was my last horse. We still have horses and I will ride one if I need to exercise it, before someone gets on.  But after 36 stitches and having the side of my head shaved, no thanks, I will stay on the ground and enjoy watching others.

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