Saturday, April 2, 2011

A little Bit of Me

I chose to use a picture of my Alexis when she was a baby instead of the one posted for the site.

This week's Question:  
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be and why?

If  I could change something, I think that it would be my weight.  At one time, I got down to 134 and felt good about myself.  The problem was, my children thought that I was way too thin.  My mother had passed away a number of years ago with Lou Gehrig's disease and they felt that I looked like she did when she lost so much weight.

I have been to the doctor about my weight and all that came back was my cholesterol was slightly high.  Nothing to worry about.  My life is so full of stress, that I know that if it wasn't, I probably would not have this problem.  I really don't eat alot, but for some reason, I just can not get rid of the weight.

But the big question is this.  At the age of 56, should I have a slim body?  I really don't want to look like I am younger.  I just want to feel good about myself.  I had even thought of contacting the "What Not to Wear" and ask Stacey, what does a 56 year old lady wear.

My husband will only say, NO CARBS!  I have already stopped baking and cooking like I did in the past.  But, really, my grandmother lived to almost 100 and she ate carbs and she was healthy.  Now I will get off my soap-box and end this post.  

my last picture taken, with my only grandson, Byron

Have a blessed week .

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  1. You look fine just the way you are. Unless of course you want to throw me in a panic by looking like you're going to die, which was way uncool of you! Better than fine, just lovely!!!



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