Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thirty Days of Me

Since I am behind the 8 ball, so to speak, I will be doing the first 3 days.  I will start out with the 3rd day and go backwards.

3.  Your first love:
Wow, this could be a tough one.  I was sitting here and thinking after I had read some of the others post.  
Could it be Bayless, the young man that I met when I was in 9th grade.  He was in the 7th, but so cute.  I know, I was robbing the cradle.  My mother would pick him up and we would go to my house and then she would take him home.  Now this is the fun part.  When she would pull up in the drive, she would say,"okay, Bayless, hurry up and give her a kiss goodnight! My girls would have had my head if I would have done that!

Or was it Maple __ the 3rd.  Can you believe the names that some parents put on their kids.  Actually, he was sort of cute, but his name just kept getting in the way.  I suppose that today, he is wealthy and has lovely children. (I just hope that he stopped with his name thing)

Then I go to high school, where I really thought that I had found the light of my life, Michael.  We dated a long time, but then he got the roaming eye when the new girls came our senior year.  I still have very loving memories of him.

Then we get to 1973, where I really met the most amazing man.  He became my husband, after only 54 days of dating.  This April, we will have been married for 37 years.  He has become my soul mate and is probably the only one that could put up with me for this long. So yes, I would have to say that he is really the only man that I could have given my heart to.


Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

When I first started thinking of a blog, I had just started my collection of succulents.  My favorite ones being the Fenestraria Rhophalophylla, normally know as Babies Toes and 
Split Rocks (Pleiospilos nelii), (The long names are for  you, my Mandy).

The split rocks reminded me of a baby's butt.  So putting the two plants together, babybuttsandlittletoessucculents, came to be.  I at first was going to leave off the succulents, but I didn't want anyone to think that my blog was, you know a bad one. 

I have thought at different times to change the name, but it is still standing and I have not had any complaints.  So it is now only about succulents, but my life, family and friends.

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