Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thirty Days of Me


I was going to start with my 3rd day, since this is technically the 3rd day.  i was doing great until I got this brainy idea to let my Day 1 be on its on.  I mean, jeez, there are 15 things that I have to post about myself.  So after you read the Day 1 post, please continued to the next post and you will find Days 2 & 3.

My Name of course is Sherree, I am 56 years old, been married to my Tommy for the past 37 years( on the 12th).
We have 4 girls, Mandy and Bridgett are our oldest ones and they are married and have our grandchildren.(Caitlin, Shelby & Byron)  We also, have Alexis and Gabrielle, ages 17 and almost 15. The picture is my most recent one.  When Byron was down for Spring Break, he took this one of me.

Now for the 15 interesting things about me.

 1.  I was born in Dallas, Texas.
 2.  I was raised in Lubbock, Texas.
 3.  My Mother and I had our tonsils out at the same 
     time.  She had a lot more trouble than I.
 4.  When I was in 1st grade, my teacher's name was
     Mrs. Bowling and I almost got my first paddling 
     from her.  Dan Johnson, a boy in my class, had 
     taken my lunch and said that it was his.  Well,
     I could tell her exactly what was in the bag.
 5.  In the 5th grade, I was suppose to stay inside and
    wait until my Mother had hung the clothes on the 
    line and then she was going to wash my hair.  Well,
    I thought that she would never know, so I went
    out the front door and got on my skateboard(home-
    made) and proceeded to skate.  I fell, broke my 
    front tooth, bit my lip through and had to go to
    the hospital and have 9 stitches put in.
 6.  In the 6th grade, I was sitting at my desk and 
     looked down and I had my red silk gown on under
     my dress.
 7.  My first car was a Dodge Dart (creme & 4 doors) 
     and it was so ugly.  But, hey, it was a car.
 8.  In High School, I was the head photographer.
 9.  I am a born-again Christian that loves the Lord
    and I plan on making Heaven my home.
10.  I love to read mostly Christian fiction, but I have
    ventured out and enjoy reading a cozy mystery.
11.  I love Beth Moore and her Bible studies.
12.  I love horses, but when my Pasofina took off with
    me, I decided that 36 stitches would be the last
    ones put on my body, due to an accident.
13.  My oldest daughter, Mandy is my VERY best friend.
14.  I feel so content when my house is clean and in
15.  I love eating pork rinds with hot sauce or peanut
    butter.  You won't know if you like them until you
    try them.  Just think of low carb!


  1. Good night,'re not supposed to tell people you eat pork rinds!

  2. I have gone through my prok rind days! I still will get some when I am in country areas, travelling. Now I am in my flavored almonds stage. Planters has some really amazing ones! I know you like those chili lime peanuts (which I still have not found at out Dollar Tree), so you might love the almond ones (Chili lime) by Planters. They taste leavier ont eh lime, which I like...very fresh taste. I have only found them at Walgreens.

  3. Sorry I was saying the taste is heavier on the lime side (over the chili).



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