Saturday, April 2, 2011

A - Z Challenge

Today is the letter B

For my letter B, I have chosen my lovely Bridgett.  She is our 2nd daughter.  

She is the birth mother of our two youngest daughters and the proud mother of our only grandson, Byron.

She is a hard worker and is living in Texas at the moment, but will be moving back to Alabama with her new husband, Anthony.  

Bridgett will once again work along side her Dad in his business.  She has a very gentle spirit and loves animals.  From a little girl, she has always had a passion for any animal.

I remember the time that she decided to get a snake.  I had gone to visit my mother is Lubbock, TX and I got back home late in the evening, just in time to go to bed. On Monday morning, when she should have gone to school, I hear her and a girlfriend whispering.  I get up and there is a towel at my door.  Actually, every door in the house that would close had a towel at it. They were hoping to find the snake that had gotten loose before I found out.  Unfortunately, the snake was never found and that it was not a bad snake.  Now for me, the only good snake is a dead one. For days, I worried, because our Alexis, was just a baby.

Growing up, I never knew what type of animal, she would bring home.  Now, she can bring whatever she wants to bring home.  For she will have her own home to house them in.

It will be good to have her back in Alabama, this June.  

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