Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thirty Days of Me...Days 8 & 9

One of the many streets of Adana, Turkey
Day 8 - A Place You've Traveled To

In the year 1980, we were stationed Incirlick AFB in Turkey.  This was by far the best tour that we ever had. We were there for 2 years.  The adventures we had made for great memories for Mandy and Bridgett.

The markets were so exciting.  The first time we went downtown to shop, we came back home so exhausted, but with some of the best produce.  There were so many sounds, colors, and people trying to get your attention. The food, oh, just thinking of it, makes me want to go back.  

The people that we met were so kind.  Very anxious to talk to you and try out their English.  I remember the time that I had rode the Adali (bus) one day to get my produce and I had given my pencil to one of the vendors to write down how much.  I forgot to get the pencil back and when I went back at least 2 weeks, the gentleman was me and walked up to me.  Was I ever shocked, he had my pencil and had held on to it.  Now in America, you would never expect to see that happen. 

People would always give me ugly stories about their time in Turkey, but I can honestly say that I found the people, culture, food, shopping, above what I have found many times in my own country, The USA.  

I think that any country that we visit, it is up to us to honor their ways.  If we have been asked to conduct ourselves in a certain way, then we need to.  I would love to go back just to visit and have more time to go places.

Mandy and I at one of the open markets.

Bridgett and I looking at carpet and purses

Our first meal in our downtown apartment. This was from a vendor just off the street.
I suppose there are many other countries to visit, but Turkey is the only one that I can think of.

Day 9...A Picture of Your Friends

This is one of the times last year that we had family over for a pool time and we invited Velda and her family to join in with us.  My best friend that lives here in Alabama is Velda.  She is the one sitting in the chair with the blue shirt on.  Then my sister, Tammy is standing behind my dog, Lacey. I really don't have a lot of friends that I get to do things with.  I am praying that in the near future that the Lord will open doors that I can spend time with my friends from church.


  1. Turkey must have been amazing...very romatic to be there when you are young!!!

  2. Thanks for following...following back, and I wish my kids would follow my time saving tips, sounds awesome...the pics are cool too...

  3. I love this post! Please email me these pictures, I need them!!

  4. Hi Sherree! Thanks for stopping by earlier and leading me here. And oh what a pleasant read it is for me! Kudos to you for feeling/thinking the way you do. Travel is great and I believe that it's probably one of, if not, the MOST precious ways to learn about life and the world! It's great that you pointed out how impt it is to respect cultures and just accept them and appreciate them for what they are. It's what makes the world interesting, isn't it? Oh and the food...oh yes....when I travel, even just to another city/state, I always go for the food and try to see how my palate would respond to the place, hehehe....Thanks for this wonderful post!

  5. Hi Sherree, It's Bev from WynnieBee - Glad I stopped by to visit your blog-luv the colors and your header. My brother was stationed in Turkey when he was in the AirForce many years ago and liked it very much. It's wonderful to experience other cultures, it makes one realize there is more than one way be, work or to celebrate life : D Read your other post and I like to read as well, am normally a quite person except when I'm on the internet ❤ Hope you have a wonderful week !

    Bee Seeing You!



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