Sunday, April 10, 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge

 “I” is one of the most important letters in the alphabet—don’t you?  It’s impossible to imagine an individual inscribing ideas impaired of “I”!  The language would be incomplete!  Inadequate!  This is because the letter I happens to be one of the most-used, versatile letters in the entire alphabet.  As the fourth most common letter, I is used 38 times more frequently than Q, X, Z or even J.  I is also a word in and of itself, representing the first person pronoun.

Info About I

  • I is the only personal pronoun in English that is always capitalized.
  • The letter I is derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “arm,” since the word for arm began with the same sound.
  • The dot over a lowercase I is sometimes referred to as a “tittle.”
  • In the Turkish alphabet, four different characters represent I – an uppercase and lowercase dotless I, and an uppercase and lowercase dotted i.
  • The Phoenician yodh and Greek Iota were both meant to represent I.
As I was thinking of the letter for today, I thought, let's see if there is anything on line about the letter I.  I found the neatest, site, that talks about the different letters of our "Alphabet".  After browsing a  bit, I knew what I wanted to do.  I am going to use a word that starts with "I" that I have never heard before.  So here goes:

My Daughter, Bridgett, has always had a love for animals.  They could be small in size or large, it really didn't matter to her.  At times in her life, she has had a number of pets that I would never have thought.  

One year, she bought my daughter, Alexis a  "Tarantula".  Now I had to draw the line at this gift.  She was allowed to have it, but it stayed at Bridgett's house.  Later, I learn that it is living in Byron's room (her son).  He loves it.  

Then one day they get home and find that it has crawled out of the cage and is roaming somewhere in the house.   Byron is not even concerned because he is not afraid of it.  In his eyes it was a pet and it was innoxious.

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  1. This was a fun post too...neat new site to refer to. Need we discuss the odd animals you've sent my girls home with in past summers!



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