Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thirty Days of Me

DAY 4 - Your Parents

My parents married when they were teenagers still.  They were married in Dallas, TX, then moved to Lubbock, TX.  They were married for 37 years. 

My Daddy was always my HERO.  My Mother, someone that I could share my heart with.  I had the greatest parents anyone could ever have.  There love was never conditional. When we messed up, the problem was taken care of and then we moved on. It was never hung over our heads and brought back up.

My Daddy owned "ICEE OF WEST TEXAS", when I was growing up and my Mother was the bookkeeper.  Then he ventured out and bought a couple of "Cotton Gins" and they both worked together.  My Daddy had always worked with cotton gins. In his lifetime, he built 2 cotton gins from the floor up.  

My Mother was the keeper of the home, plus worked along side with my Daddy.  She loved her family and doing things for them as well as others.  In her later years, she took up painting and surprised us all.  I have one hanging in my home and it makes me proud to say that my Mother painted it.

Both of my parents have passed away. I miss them still and sometimes find myself wanting to share something that happened that day.  Parents should be honored and never taken for granted.  What I would give to just have a day to spend with them. 

There is so much more I would love to share, but then it would become a book.

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  1. What beautiful parents you had...both inside and out! Your Mom was an amazing painter...I guess it was a surprise when she took it up!!! WOW!!



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