Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7

Your Favorite Childhood Toys

I was not one that like to play outside and get dirty.  My sister, Tammy was the one who loved outdoors. I loved to skate and then later on to skateboards.  Now at this time, we didn't have the money to buy new boards.  So my brother, Steve got the great idea to dismantle my skates. You remember the kind that you had to have key to tighten them that's right, onto your shoes that you had on your feet.  We got a board and hammer, then placed the rollers on it. 

I was good on the skateboard, until I hit some loose rocks and fell.  After my front tooth got chipped and nine stitches in my bottom lip, I was baned from getting on again.  I suppose that is why I would never buy my girls one.

I loved playing game boards and barbies. But I think of all the things that meant the most to me were my Alexander Dolls.

No matter, ever Christmas, my Mother would make sure that I had one.  I only wish that she would have thought ahead and realized that I would have cherished them today.  Here are just a few that my own girls have had 
             and still have.

Now, I suppose you thought that I had forgotten to mention my love of books.  I don't remember having books in our home that were bought.  But, I do remember going to the library and filling the two baskets that hung over the back tire and the large basket I had on the handle-bars.  I also remember catching the bus and going to the library.  I am so glad that books are now available to anyone that wants to read.  Library cards are great.


  1. I only have one doll of mine that was a childhood toy. It was a stuffed clown. I really don't remember having it as a child, but my grandma swore it was mine. haha.

  2. Dolls and books!!! Great combo, Sherree! I read your post that shows all your bookcases all over your house too...amazing!!! I am a book nut...have always wanted to work in a bookstore or have my dream job as a librarian! You can see my favorite doll from my childhood (and I still have her)...on my blog HERE!

  3. Your doll is so cute. I had a bride doll that my Grandmother bought for me, but when I took it over to my other Grandmothers, somhow it staid there and became a doll for all the grandchildren that came over. I must not have fussed too much. But my babydolls were very special. I played with them until I went to Junior High (7th - 9th)



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