Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge

Your Views On Mainstream Music

I love music.  The type that I can understand what they are saying!  I am not much for the music of today.  I mostly listen to Oldies, Gospel and of course Country.  Right now my most favorite singer is Scotty McCleery.  He has got to have the most beautiful voice, especially for his age.

I don't care for the way that the singers of today are presenting their music with all the sexy moves that are involved.  I believe that alot of the music videos of today should be marked XXXXX rated!  Our children see so much on television without having to see things that they should not have to experience in the music.    When Adam Lambert performed on American Idol, I was embarrassed myself, by his actions.  Our morals of today are going down the drain and I so hate that music is following.

I love christian music, but once again, I wonder if we are allowing too much of the worlds music to enter the church.  Just because it is music, do we have to accept.  Sometimes, I have sat back and listened, and the music doesn't sound any different than if I were to go to a secular concert.  Now, I know that some will disagree with me and that is okay.  I know that I am old fashioned and if you like the rather up-up-beat christian music and can worship the Lord with it, then I am okay.  I still enjoy the music that I can sing with.

Aren't you glad that this is a free world and we can all have our opinion, without having to worry.  I will never condemn one for their style of worship.  Jesus will always be Lord of all, no matter what we think.

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