Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 11 & 12

Day 11 - Put Your iPod on Shuffle and Write the First 10 songs that Pop Up

  1. Lean on Me - Phil Driscoll
  2. My Girl Lollipop - Bad Manners
  3. Night Fever - Bee Gees
  4. You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees
  5. Sayin' Alive - Bee Gees
  6. I Told You So - Carrie Underwood
  7. Hold On To Jesus - Erin O' Donnell
  8. Take My Life - Cindy Morgan
  9. Now I Can Sing - Cheri Keaggy
  10. Mercy - Duffy                                          

Day 12 -  Bullet Your Whole Day

  1. woke up around 7:30
  2. got the house straightened
  3. got dressed for the day
  4. left the house around 11:30
  5. stopped by my favorite place, SONIC and got a Diet Dr. Pepper with lots of ice  ( i was able to use my coupon, so it didn't cost a thing)
  6. went to the Academy to look for a windbreaker for my Mother-in-law  (did not find one)
  7. went to Kohl's and looked again, but didn't find anything
  8. went to TJMaxx, didn't find anything, but I found the most delightful shoes and bought both pairs.  I will share in a post next)
  9. stopped off at Hibbet Sport's, but once again didn't find one
  10. stopped off a Penny's and found two that will work perfect
  11. called my Tommy and told him that I was going to stop off at the grocery store
  12. went by Winn Dixie and got the fixin's for shepherd's pie (my Tommy will only eat it with mashed cauliflower)
  13. came home and fixed the shepherd's pie and also cheesy pizza macaroni for supper
  14. cleaned the kitchen up 
  15. went with my Lexie to fill her car up with gas
  16. watered all my succulents on the front porch
  17. visited with my Lexie on the porch swing
  18. ate supper and then put dishes in the dishwasher
  19. took a bath and got dressed for bed
  20. checked my email
  21. now I am writing my post
  22. will be going to bed around 12 midnight

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