Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Visit To Merrywood

Merrywood is the Nursing Home that we have placed my Mother-in-law in.  She has been there since the first of May.  My Tommy (her only son) and I normally will go together on Sunday's to see her.  I try to get by at least a couple of times during the week.

I got a call from one of the office ladies, telling me that Mom was needing a light jacket.  I get really hot while visiting, but I know that the older people need more warmth it seems.  So I went on Monday and found her some new shirts and then two light jackets.  I really wanted to get her a light weight windbreaker, but do you know how hard those are to find?  So I did the best that I could.

When I got there today, she was sitting at the table by herself.  Ms Hazel is normally with her, but she had gone to the open area to hear the gospel singing (one of the local churches come on Wed. and have a short service for them).  So I decided that this would be the best time to take her to her room and show her the new clothes.

She has been in a wheelchair, but today, she had a walker.  She was so cute as we were going down the hall.  She turned to me and said, "I fell and I didn't even get any ice cream".  I think that someone had spoken to her and when she turned to answer, she lost her balance.  Now they tell me that she has a UTI and will be on antibiotics for the next 10 days (so they will place her back in the wheelchair)and then will go back to the walker.  

So we got to her room and her roommate went out and sat in the hallway.  But not far enough that she wouldn't be able to see what I was doing.  I believe she was afraid, that I was going to get in her things.  I cleaned out the closet and then went to the drawers and found things everywhere.  I put things back in order and Mom is telling me all the while, "They aren't going to like it!"  I think that I have decided that I need to bring her clothes home and wash them.  Her jeans were so hard!!!  I would think that they could at least use some Downy!

We got through and I remade her bed, using her bedspread that her daughter, Sally had sent.  I even found items in her drawers that were not even hers.  Now tell me, how can they make this mistake, when I have placed her name on all of her things?  

Well, we moved all down to the main area where the ladies sit.  She is in the Alzheimers unit.  After a while, Ms Hazel came in and of course looked for Mom.  After sitting down, she reached over and patted Mom's hand and asked, "DId you miss me"?  At this, Mom smiled and answered , yes.  After a while of talking, the cutest thing happened.  Ms Hazel looked over to Mom and said, "she is my best friend".  That touched my heart so much.  Even at the age of 91, people still need to have a friend that they enjoy being with.  I am sure that they don't talk much, but to know that there is someone that searchs you out is awesome.  I would say, that the Lord knew what He was doing, when we felt it was time to place Mom in the home.  It just goes to show us that the Lord will never tire of seeing to our basic needs.


  1. AWW I am sure that was a very hard decision for you all to make by having to place her in a nursing home :( @ least she has a friend in there whom loves to visit with her if even for only a few minutes each day that counts! It is so good to see that you all still visit her some do not go back to visit them once they are placed in the nursing home its nice to see people who still care :)

  2. I don't know how I missed this, but I loved it!



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