Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 13 & 14

Day 13 

Somewhere You Would Like To Move Or Visit

I would love to move to the great state of Texas.  I was born and raised in Texas and since have lived overseas in Turkey and then Alabama.  There is just no place like Texas for me.  Especially, San Antonio.  It does help that our oldest daughter and granddaughters live there.  You think that this could be the pull?  You betcha!!

Now if I could visit a place and then come home, it would be Turkey.  I know that I have already been there, but I would love to go back and really take the time to visit.  We were stationed there in the early 80's and I loved the culture and especially the foods. The people I found to be so interesting.  But at that time, I was young and had two lovely little girls.  You know how it is, before you go overseas, everyone tells you how bad it is.  Well, I never found that to be true.  Yes, that would be the place for me to go and just enjoy.  The markets, restaurants, turkish tea, little out of the way stores, beach, bread made every morning, the people of all ages, what more could I ask for?

Day 14

Your Earliest Memory

I think that I was only between the age of 2 and 3 at this time.  I really don't remember the accident.  My brother, Steve had pushed me off of his rocking horse and I bit my tongue open.  After having to go to the ER to have 9 stitches in my tongue, my Daddy and Mother took me over to my Grandma Shaw's.  

I remember my Daddy placing me at the table in her kitchen.  You see, she was fixing fried catfish.  I can see the kitchen as if it was today.  She had a red top chrome table with vinyl red seats.  She was standing at the kitchen cabinet getting the fish breaded.  After she had fried a couple of pieces, she set a plate down in front of me and I actually ate some.  

After eating, I remember my Grandpa picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom on the left of the kitchen.  At this point, I really don't remember anything else.  Now I know that some of you will say, I only remember, because of others telling me.  But, oh no, I can close my eyes now and I see it all.  My grandparents home was not big, but it was a home full of love for their grandchildren.

I lost my Grandpa the week before we returned from Turkey.  One day, I was at the mall and there was a man standing that looked just like him.  I so wanted to run to him and give the man a hug, but then he would have thought I had lost my mind.  He always smoked a pipe and would use tobacco that smelled like cherry.  Ever once in a while, I will get a whiff of someones pipe and my thoughts turn to him.  

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