Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Books I Have Read

For a while there, I was posting the books that I had read.  I believe for the past 4 months, I have slacked in this area.  I will not try to go back and post all the books that I read over the summer.  So I will start with a new series that I started.  Below are the first three.  Hope you enjoy and find yourself going out to purchase your own copy.  I will post the back of the books, with a comment of my own.

Mum's the Word
A Flower Shop Mystery

So maybe Abby's life isn't the bed of roses she was hoping it would be.  She adores her job, but a new low-cost competitor is killing her profits - and a black SUV just rammed her vintage Corvette in a hit-and-run.  Determined to track down the driver, she accepts the help of hunky ex-cop Marco Salveare.  But their budding relationship is threatened when the trail turns deadly.  Now Abby is caught in a tangle of menacing phone calls, police corruption, and murderous road rage.  If she's not careful, the next flower arangement might be for her own funeral...

Buying the flower shop after Abby flunked out of law school is nothing but boring.  Abby has been asked to help in finding out about a new massage parlor in town, help find information that Lottie's cousin can use against her controling husband and find out who hit her car.  Will she be able to find answers before she finds herself too deep? 

Slay It with Flowers
A Flower Shop Mystery

Abby's latest gig is the perfect marriage of her talents.  Not only does her bride-to-be cousin, Jillian, want Abby to be a bridesmaid - she also wants her to sign on as a floral designer and sleuth...

Though nearly once a year Jillian has agreed to marry a different man, she has yet to make it to the altar.  But this time, it's cold dead feet that may stop the wedding.  Before the couple says "I Do", one of the goomsmen disappears and another member of the wedding party is brassy been-there-done-that assistant, a hunky bar owner with a penchant for love and justice, and her own family.  Together, they aim to unveil the truth... and make sure the bride gets her day to shine.

Abby has got to make sure that her cousin, Jillian, makes it to the altar to get married. If Abby doesn't help find the person responsible for the dead groomsmen, she will be left with a cooler of flowers and no way to pay for them.

Deadly Depotted
A Flower Shop Mystery

Abby has her hands full at Jillian's wedding, doing triple duty as florist, bridesmaid, and grandma sitter - all while wearing a horrendous floral print that makes her look like a clown.  But the real trouble starts when the groom's ninety-year-old grandma disappears from the reception.  While hunting for her, Abby discovers the body of Jack Snyder, one of the guests, behind the minister's platform in the gazebo.  And when Abby's assistant's new boyfriend becomes a suspect, she decides she must find out who killed Jack in the pulpit.

After years of having no one special in her life, Grace has finally found someone.  Can Abby help find the real killer, before they get away.  Or will all her efforts leave her assistant, Grace all alone?

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