Monday, September 5, 2011

Surprise Visit

 Tonight I have 2 extra girls for the night.  I normally only have Lexie at home, my 17.5 year old.

It has been a while since any of my girls have been able to pull one over me.  Well, I am sitting at my desk and Casie comes in.

Casie said, "Mrs. Sherree, can I have a private conversation with you?"  So I get up and follow her into my bathroom.  I close the door and Casie forgets what it was she wanted to talk to me about.  Now, at this moment if I would have been more alert, I would have thought something was up.  So I open the door and proceed back to my desk.

Lexie has come through the door and flopped down on my daybed.  Casie goes and sits down on the end of the bed.  Gabrielle is lounging on the sofa that sits in front of my desk.  I look at each of them and ask, "Okay, what is going on?"  They just turn to each other like I am dumb or something.

Then my sweet Lexie asks me for a piece of paper.  This is so she can make Casie a snowflake.  So I give her the sheet of paper.  Of course she needs the scissors.  So I hand them to her.  Still I am not thinking clearly.

"Hey, mom", would you give me the house key that I left on your desk?",  Lexie asks.  So of course, I start looking and she tells me that she had dropped it in the spot that I normally keep the scissors.  I have a file holder that holds papers and then has two spots for pens and other things.  

As I put my hand down in the slot, I jump back.  Reason?  There is a frog and I actually grabbed it.  Now it is looking over the edge with it's two front legs hanging over.

It jumps out and Lexie is trying to get it and it jumps off the desk and under my small file cabinet next to the desk.  When she finally gets it, she grabs it and starts toward me.  I grab a mirror and try to get her to take it away.  And all this time the frog is going to the bathroom on my chair.

As if this would not have been enough for my evening, I am sitting at my desk trying to do this post and a wasp flys out of nowhere and lands on the side of my drink.  To which I rather quickly grab my cup and the remote with the other hand.  Casie is looking at me like I have lost my mind.  I do kill the wasp and things have settled down.  Or at least I hope that it has.

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