Monday, September 12, 2011

Today's Finds for Myself

 Have you ever seen something that you knew you wanted and began to look only to not find it?  Well, this had happened to me.  That is until today!  A couple of years ago, I saw some shoes that my heart fell in love with.  I have searched and searched, but never could find any.  

Today, when I went into TJMaxx to try and find my Mother-in-law a windbreaker, I found the shoes.  Now I really tried to find the item I was there for first, HONEST.  When I decided to look at the shoes.  My heart stopped a beat and I was in love.

Now, I realize that people with Plantar Fascitis, are not suppose to wear heels.  Or that is what I have been told by others.  I put my right foot in the shoe and I knew that it was going to go home with me.  Then if that was not enough, my eyes caught another pair.  Of course, you know, my foot just slid into that shoe and I knew, yes, you were going home with me.

Now I will have to look through my closet and find just the right outfit.  For you know, it just wouldn't do for me to have to go shopping again.  My poor checkbook!  The one pair that zips up the side, I already know looks great with my bluejeans.  Can you tell that I am one happy person?

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