Thursday, September 22, 2011


It was in the year 1963.  I was now in the third grade.

On this particular day, the nurse was calling each child to the office for an eye exam.  I was so scared, I knew that I needed glasses, but I didn't want to be called "Four Eyes".  So when my name was called, I walked across the hall as slow as possible.

After the testing, the nurse handed me a slip of paper I was to give to my teacher, letting her know what the findings were.  I am sure that there was a paper to take to my parents, as well.  As I walked back to my classroom and handed the papers to my teacher, I went to my chair and set down.

My teacher, after reading the paper, called me up to her desk and had me stand beside her, in front of the class.  This is so planted in my mind, even to this day.  As I am standing there, she begins to tell the class:

"Class, Sherree is going to need glasses.  But I know that she just wanted glasses, so she failed to pass the eye exam."

I remember looking up at her, because the nurse had not said anything to me. Returning to my seat, I heard the kids laughing.  So the rest of my day, was made up, of my classmates making fun of me.

Upon returning home from school, I gave my mother the note.  She was surprised, because, I had not said anything to her about not seeing well.  That Saturday, I was taken to the Eye Doctor and after examining me, he found that I really needed to have glasses.  My first pair were blue cateye glasses, with little stars on the edge.  I thought that I was so pretty, that is until I got to school.

It has been many years since I was in the 3rd grade.  I never told my parents what my teacher said that day.  Why?  I think that I didn't want my parents to know that I was made fun of at school.  For besides, the glasses, I was never able to wear the style of clothes the other girls wore. Not because of finances or beliefs.  It was because I was so slender and very awkward.

Today, I still wear glasses and have at times worn contacts.  I really don't know why my teacher felt that she had to do what she did, but I have forgiven her long time ago.  She really was a great teacher and I do remember good times in her class.  That was also the year that I had Hepatitis and was out for 1 month.

Today, I am appalled at the things that teachers have said to my girls.  Does it do any good to go the school and say anything?  It hasn't in the past, all it does is make my girls a target for the teachers.  Teachers don't realize that sometimes, they are the only person the students have to look up to.

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