Saturday, September 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 8,9 & 10

I am sorry about this being so long.  I am not sure where the past 3 days went.  Where was I?

Day 8 - A Moment You Felt The Most Satisfied With Your Life

I really think this one by far is the easiest one.  The moment that I gave birth to my Mandy and Bridgett.  With a wonderful husband by my side, the birth of our daughters made our life complete for the time.  Now later, we did adopt our first two granddaughters, Alexis and Gabrielle and once again they filled our home with joy. My girls make me feel like a million.

This our Mandy, now 35
Our Alexis, now 17

Our Bridgett, now 34


This is our last, but not least Gabrielle, now

Day 9 - If You Could Have Any Job In The World, What Would It Be?

For all those that really know me, you know the answer!  Books!!!  I would love to work in a Library or a book store. There is just something about books that can make me feel wonderful.  I can be tired and if you mention, 'Hey, let's go to the bookstore", my energy level will go over the top.  What would a world be without books.

In the front hallway

This is across from the 4 bookcases in the

One wall in my office

Before you enter the bathroom in my office

This sits at the end of the daybed under the shelves on the

This one sits in front of the file
cabinet that sits at the end of
my desk in the office

On the wall behind the door to our
bedroom, upstairs

This one sits in our bedroom behind the door
to my husbands bathroom



I know what you must be thinking,"Doesn't she have enough books"?  NEVER

Day 10 - Your Guilty Pleasure (or Pleasures!)

I have set here and tried to think of something that would fall into the guilty pleasure area. The one thing that I love to endulge in and I just found this out myself, is buying silky night wear.  I don't like the slinky type, but the elegant ones that make me feel good.  After taking my bath in the evenings and when I know the noone is going to be coming in the back door, to put one of my lovely, long gowns on and enjoy sitting on the couch and reading a book.  I also have a red silky wrap that I wear over the gowns, just in case. I know this really sounds romantic, doesn't it.  But my husband has never noticed any of my gowns in the whole 37 years of being married.  So the gowns are just for me.  I love pretty gowns and good perfume.

Doesn't this just make you
want to buy one yourself?

I just found this delightful perfume by
Donna Karan.

Cashmere Mist


  1. Mother, it's bad enough that I get confused on my own, but I don't need any help!!! I'm 35, about to be 36...sorry, but that might make you a year older too! You'll never have too many books; life without books would be BORING!!!

    p.s. Bridgett is 34.

  2. Okay, Mandy, I have changed your age to your correct 35. I was doing the math using this year instead of 2010. Goddnight, Love ya, Mother

  3. Ok! You have me beat with the whole book hoarding thing! You DO LOVE books. :) Do you have a Kindle? I have one, and I love that thing too!!

  4. I don't have a Kindle, but I do have the Galaxy from Verizon. I haven't log on and read any books yet, but I plan on it. My Mandy has one and she really likes hers. My problem is that I love to hold the book in my hand. Something that I will need to adjust to.



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